Monday, December 15, 2014

We brought the weather back with us

We thought we’d left the rain behind in Manchester but no, there was heavy rain to greet us at Alicante airport last night.

Apparently, the area was on yellow alert for rain and even wind in the north of the region.

The day started cloudy but dry but by afternoon the rain started and continued for much of the night. Elche had 21 litres per square metre, Torrevieja – 16.8 and Orihuela 14.2. There was also hail and lightening along the coast.

The heating in our house was supposed to come on for our return but the boiler had lost too much pressure so it was cold and will now take most of the day to warm through again.

In comparison with Manchester, where our hire car was iced up twice, it is mild but still feels cold to us. The maximum for today is forecast to be 14 degrees rising to a balmy 16 by Wednesday. Minimums should be between 7 and 9.

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