Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tocomocho and estampita

Two Spanish scams that have been around for a number of years but still catch people out, especially the elderly.

Tocomocho is a lottery ticket scam. Basically you are offered a lottery ticket by one of the scammers. An accomplice then appears and just happens to have a list of winning numbers which includes the one offered to you. Impressed, you buy the ticket for a lot more than its face value. Of course the whole thing is a fake and the ticket turns out to be worthless.

Estampita involves two or more people, one of whom acts dumb. He offers you a high value bank note which he says is just a worthless estampita or holy picture card. He explains that he has many more of these. The accomplice convinces you to buy the “holy cards” but guess what, only the top one is a genuine bank note, the others are worthless scraps of paper.

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