Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You do forget

It is a long while since Pam and I had two young children in the house including a very young baby. The sleepless nights and the mental strain are just a distant memory for us.

Visiting Laura and Dave though has brought all that back and we appreciate just how hard it is. Laura, in particular is feeling the strain and having a cold is not helping.

Telling them that it won't last is no comfort, they already know that but that does not help in the run up to Christmas. The lead up to the big day only makes the problem worse. There are cards to write, presents to buy and wrap and of course endless events to attend at school and work.

What they really need is for Christmas to be over so that normality can return. With a four year old in the house that is kind of sad but it it is the reality of their situation.

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