Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprised and puzzled

After receiving very little response to my posts about the Gastronomic Day which I naturally took to mean that there was little or no interest in the event, yesterday I found a note in my buzon.

The note was from one of our neighbours drumming up support for a British Buffet table.

In my original posts, I made it clear that I was simply sounding out interest so that the information could be passed on to the Fiesta Commission. I had and have no interest in organising a contribution from the British people to the Gastronomic Day. That is a job for someone else.

That leaves me puzzled as to why those people, who are seemingly now prepared to participate, did not come forward and let me know at the time. I think it is only fair to point out that, without the information that I supplied, nobody would have known that there was a Gastronomic Day planned for this year. After all, it was three years ago that such an event last appeared on the Fiesta Calendar.

It is a disappointment to me that we British seem unable to communicate together towards a common goal.  Quite what our Spanish neighbours make of us is hard to say.

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