Saturday, July 25, 2015

Whilst we are away

The Fiesta Programme

Religious acts to honour San  Joaquín

Each weekday there will be Evensong at 8pm and Holy Mass at 8:30pm

Saturday 1st August

9:30pm – 7km run organised by the Fiesta Commission in collaboration with the Diputación de Alicante. At the end there will be music with a DJ. For more information and to subscribe go to Chip Levante.

Friday 7th August

8pm – A football match between Orihuela and Bigastro veterans in honour of Joaquín Larrosa (El Chochón). A chance to see players from the golden age of football for the Vega Baja. Venue – Polideportivo Municipal.

Hopefully, the books for the fiesta will be distributed soon.

More to come on our return! 

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Unknown said...

Hi Keith,

I enjoy your blog. I pop by evey 4- 6 weeks for a good read. I am looking at moving to the town of Onil and was wondering what you might think of the area - warts & all.

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