Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Is there a reason?

We constantly read about disaffected youth in the newspapers and how this may have driven some to join ISIS. Elsewhere the disaffection seems to lead them into acts of vandalism.

We understand their frustration with society but what we cannot comprehend is their reaction. How does destroying their environment improve their situation? If anything, I would have thought it made it worse because they end up living surrounded by slums.

One particular target in Orihuela is the Rincon Hernandiano. It is a major tourist attraction in the city visited my thousands each year. It needs to be kept in pristine condition but the Foundation Miguel Hernandez seem to be fighting a losing battle.

In the last few months, the Museum house had paint daubed on the walls and a traffic signal was thrown onto the roof. Then there were several windows broken but for what reason? Are the perpetrators trying to make a point or is it just destruction for destruction's sake? The police really need to capture some of these individuals and question them about their motives.

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