Wednesday, July 01, 2015

A message to dog owners

A reminder from the Ayuntamiento to dog owners of their responsibilities.

First off, the responsibility of owners to collect the excrement their dogs leave in public places. There is a fine of 50 euros for those who fail to pick up the crap their dogs leave on pavements but as we know that requires a police officer to be on hand at the time.

It is a social responsibility though and one which all dog owners should take note of.

2. Dogs that are regarded as dangerous must be muzzled whilst out in public. The fine for failing to observe this is 350 euros. It is far better to muzzle your dog than face the consequences of someone being bitten.

Lastly, do not take dogs into areas that are meant to be dog free.

Those who took their dogs to be vaccinated will be getting a  handy container to carry their plastic bags in.


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