Tuesday, June 30, 2015


At her first council meeting, Teresa Belmonte announced that the pay for councillors will be reduced. Four councillors will receive 690 euros per month and she will get 1,700. The other two members of her party will receive 200 euros for each of the two meetings that they attend each month.

Sadly, because of the economic situation, there will be no money for the various groups in the town such as the Fiesta Commission and the Band.

The lady mayor will take responsibility for Public Safety, Public Works, Civil Protection and Participation. Antonio Manuel Gonzalez will be responsible for Hacienda, Heritage and the Treasury; Elena López  will take charge of Social Welfare; Antonio José Meseguer - Planning and Environment; Adrian Gonzalez - Works and Health; Javier - Sports and Festival Days; Alejandra Moya - Culture and Protocol.

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