Monday, June 29, 2015

Gay pride hits the Vega Baja

In celebration of Gay Pride Day, municipalities of the Vega Baja have adorned their town halls with rainbow flags.

First off were Torrevieja, Dolores and Callosa de Segura. These were then joined by Orihuela, Cox, Algorfa, Los Montesinos, Almoradi and Guadamar del Segura and towns like Rojales are set to follow suit.

For people of our age this is a strange phenomena.

When we were growing up, homosexuality was illegal and was therefore something that people kept quiet about. As the law was changed, it became tolerated but not necessarily condoned. Now the tables are turned and it is apparently something to be proud off.  Even those who are not gay have adopted the rainbow flag on their Facebook profiles to celebrate Gay Pride Day. 

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Bill said...

It's only strange if one is not gay, which I am, so I see it as something of a liberation and a very welcome development :)