Sunday, June 14, 2015

Five parties rule in Torrevieja

For 27 years, the PP have governed Torrevieja but they did not gain enough councillors at the recent election to hold a majority.

On Friday, twelve councillors from five different parties agreed to form a coalition. They include PSOE 4, Los Verdes 4, Sueña Torrevieja 2, Aptce 1 and Izquierda Unida 1.

Once the councillors were sworn in, they proceeded to vote for the new mayor. Eleven councillors from the PP voted for the outgoing mayor, Eduardo Dolon; the remaining 14 voted for José Manuel Dolon, local leader of the Greens.  José Dolon is a 63 year old retired banker who has a lot of experience in local politics and has said that he will rule "from the street".

Dolon will be mayor until June 2017 when Fanny Serrano, leader of the PSOE will take over.

We all know that coalitions between two parties can become fragile so it is easy to imagine that five parties trying to work together will be a real challenge.

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