Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It's a disgrace!

Whilst we were up at La Pedrera yesterday, we could not help but notice the disgusting state of the building.

When we were first here, it used to be smart, a nice place to go for an al fresco meal. Then they built the barbecues which of course cannot be used during the summer due to the risk of fire.

However, young people frequent the place at weekends and the evidence of them being there is all too clear with the graffiti that covers the woodwork inside.

The building needs some repair, a good clean up and a lick of paint to restore it back to good condition.

Move on then to the duck pond and that shows the same signs of neglect.

Hopefully, the clean up campaign that is going on around the town will extend to La Pedrera and we will see the area restored back to its former glory. 

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