Friday, June 12, 2015

Charo Bañuls steps down

On Saturday the new council will take office in Bigastro as Charo Bañuls steps down from the position of mayor.

At her last meeting she said that she was happy about the work that had been accomplished during her term of office.

The town was in a very sorry state four years ago - on the brink of bankruptcy. Although there is still a large debt owing, progress has been made; three quarters of the debts to the Treasury and Social Services have been paid giving the town access to public subsidies again, suppliers are being paid within 60 days and compensation to the dismissed council workers will be paid.

Bañuls offered advice to the new councillors not to let their victory in the election go to their heads. They are all new to politics and must take time to settle themselves in. Most important, they must govern for all of the citizens and be aware of the town's situation.  With a majority of just one. they will be surely kept on their toes.

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