Thursday, June 25, 2015

Something to consider

The first meeting of the new council will take place on Monday, 29th June at 9pm. 

You will notice that item 3 concerns the the group that Maria Teresa spoke about at the meeting she held with us at La Terraza prior to the election. 

If you recall, she proposed that the different parts of the town should have a representative who would have the job of feeding information to the council and taking information back to their neighbours regarding council matters. She feels that would be more efficient and democratic than having a trail of people at her door expressing their own personal views. 

If this item is passed, as I suspect it will be, we will be asked to nominate a representative for Villas Andrea. We may even be asked to nominate 2; one to represent the English speaking people in our urbanisation and one to represent the Spaniards.

How to proceed 

I have no idea how people here want to proceed with this idea. Neither do I know who we might want to nominate or indeed who might be willing to act as our representative. I suspect, for this issue, we will need some sort of meeting. 

Whilst I know there are those who believe I am the spokesperson for Villas Andrea, that is not true. When I started writing this blog, it was intended to pass on information to  my family and friends. The fact that so many on our urbanisation and elsewhere read it is a coincidence. 

As I have said several times, the views that I express here are my own, they are not meant to represent the views of others unless otherwise stated. Inevitably, there will be some who do not agree with my views and would want to express different opinions on matters - I know that. However, unless they make their views public, we will never be aware of them. 

What I am saying is that I would not want anyone to feel that I am trying to make a name for myself here and neither am I seeking to be the self appointed spokesperson. 

As they say in tennis, "the ball is now in your court". Talk amongst yourselves, decide what suits you best, call a meeting or get back to me if you wish and I will put your ideas on this blog for others to comment on.  The only thing I would suggest is that we try to proceed in an amicable fashion without any of the slanging and back biting that has been our past experience. 

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Pete said...

It sounds a bit like a Parish Council model and to an extent that makes sense. It shouldn't replace the right of anyone to address, nor receive information from, the Council though and so the mechanism would need to be weighted carefully.

As to finding someone to do it...good luck with that! I was Chairman of our local residents association for some years and frankly I don't miss it. That said, in these days of near universal electronic communication it would be much easier to manage.