Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picnic in the park

Yesterday, my contact from the Fiesta Commission came up to see me following their meeting.

These are the details of their proposal which they hope will meet with our approval:

Sunday 9th of August will be a Gastronomic Day.

The event, which was dropped last year, will be restored to the calendar i.e. people of all nationalities in the town will be invited to prepare food that is typical of their country. That will take place from about 12am to 2pm.

Following that, it is proposed that the Brits from Bigastro sit down to enjoy lunch together in the park. The idea is that we prepare the food for the meal in whatever style we like.

Later on there will be a Fiesta Sevillanas, similar to the one last year which we are invited to take part in. You can even dress up in costume if you wish!

Our picnic

Normally, at the Gastronomic Days, the Brits prepare a table that groans with the weight of food but then get to eat very little or none of it. We are left to go home for lunch.

Cutting back on what we prepare for the Gastronomic Day and sitting down together for lunch together sounds a lot more civilised and would bring us together as part of the Fiesta.

Thinking about what we could prepare, I think we should apply the KISS principle and taking account of the weather we can expect, a simple picnic with salad, cooked meats, quiches etc. sounds appropriate. However, I know there are some excellent cooks amongst us with lots of experience in catering who can guide us into the right choices.

There is a deadline for our decision  about whether to go ahead which is Thursday. The Commission need the information then so that it can be included in the book that accompanies the Fiesta.

So there you have it, now down to us to make it happen. All those in favour say AY!

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