Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thank you Charo

Although there may be those who read this blog who did not vote PP at the 2011 election, I feel certain that they would want me to congratulate Charo Bañuls and the other PP councillors on the achievements they made during their four years in office.

As I have said before, the town's finances were in a sorry state four years ago. The town was seriously in debt to suppliers, workers, the State - in fact everyone they dealt with. The threat of bankruptcy was very real. The previous council were borrowing money wherever they could just to try and keep their heads above water.

Remember the fiasco when the infant school was cut off from electricity and a generator was installed outside? It wasn't just the primary school, there were generators used to supply power to various other council buildings and installations. The town was so heavily in debt to the government that it was not possible to apply for grants so nothing could be done in the town beyond basic services.

Today, as they hand over office to their successors, the town is in a much better condition. Whether we support their politics or not, we should recognise the hard work that has gone on to achieve that.

Let us hope that the new council can continue to make improvements and restore some pride into the town. If they can do that and at the same time continue to reduce the debt, then they too will have done a good job.

On my behalf and I hope on behalf of many others, I would like to thank the outgoing council for their hard work and effort. They can now have a well deserved rest!

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