Monday, June 08, 2015

Not just in Bigastro

It is likely that every town and city in Spain will have celebrated Corpus Christi this week. Some will have done so on the actual day (Thursday); others, like Bigastro, will have waited to the weekend.

When we first came, Corpus Christi was an important celebration here but there was not the endless preparations that we have now.

Those who went down yesterday will have been impressed by the lengths people went to in an attempt to make the day special for the young people taking their first communion.

There was an extraordinary amount of effort made, ranging from the banners and pictures around the town square and along the route that the procession took to the floral carpet that was laid out in the square.

You can see my photos from the day in the album linked to from the sidebar. Just to whet your appetite, here is a shot of the carpet once it was completed. To judge the size of it, use the parked van to the right of the picture. 

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