Friday, June 26, 2015

Not a chance

The swimming pool/restuarant at La Pedrera (not the Camping) are offering a free one week pass to the person who posts a selfie at the pool that gets the most likes on Facebook.

If the subject of this photo is the standard of the competition, there is no chance for me to get even one vote so I won't be bothering thank you!

I can offer some tips though;

1) Avoid  having poles growing out of the top of heads.
2) Placing the interest close to the centre does not work in this instance. I would have cropped out some of that dead space to the right to bring the young lady's face onto one of the division of thirds.
3) The young lady's face is so much in the shade that we can't see her. Although it might sound odd on a sunny day, this is one occasion when the photographer should have used flash to add light.  

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