Saturday, June 13, 2015

Please let me know

I received a very nice email this morning from a couple who have a holiday home here at Villas Andrea. They thanked me for my blog and said that they had noticed how much cleaner our estate and the town in general looked.

Those who live here will have noticed that further work is going on in the park where the childrens' playground is. Sadly of course, there is nothing that the council can do about the abandoned houses although I have noticed that they have been boarded up to prevent squatters and further vandalism.

Keith and Suzanne are right in assuming that there are people on the council who read this blog and take note of what I write even if they don't act upon it. Unwittingly, I seem to have become the unofficial, official spokesperson for the Brits who live here.

With regards to the invitation from the Fiesta Commission, Keith and Suzanne say, "We shall not be here in August for the fiesta but do hope that the council do try and get everyone involved and that the English people here actively respond to their efforts."

I have to say that I have not received a response yet either way to say whether people are interested or not. I could call a meeting or walk around and ask people personally but that would be putting pressure on my neighbours. I know that many who live here read this blog  I therefore thought that this would be an effective way to measure support for the proposal.

Please, whether you are interested or not in the idea of a meal or something else during the Fiesta week let me know.

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