Monday, June 15, 2015

Further thoughts

Having spoken to a few people, some important observations have been made about the suggestions from the Fiesta Commission.

1. The logistics of taking food down to the park for a Gastronomic Day along with food for a lunch later are difficult. Keeping the food for our lunch fresh for over  two hours in August would be near impossible. The only way around this that I can think of would be to return to Villas Andrea after the gastronomic event to collect our food but that would be pointless.

2. Even if we did consider staying, once the Gastronomic Day was over, the area of the park would be littered with rubbish that we'd have to clear up before we could sit down to eat.

3. The tables set out for the British buffet to be served last time were in the full sun. After two hours of standing in the sun, most would just want to get home for a shower and a rest.

4. Unlike the food that the Spanish ladies prepare, our food has to be served buffet style. We rely upon people not to be greedy and take just one plateful. That has never happened, we see people with three or more platefuls of food which they claim are for others. To make matters worse, at the end of the event a lot of that food is left to be thrown away.

We are aware that there are many in the town who have little money and rely on charity just to feed themselves. It is therefore criminal to see good food going to waste.

5. There were neither plates nor cutlery provided last time.

In a sense the two suggestions from the Fiesta Commission are separate and maybe we should deal with them in that way:

a) are we prepared to take part in a Gastronomic Day again?

and b) do we want to stay after the event for a lunch that we have to prepare?

I guess that if we were to agree to take part in the Gastronomic Day we would make the strict provisos that 1) the table where the food was to be served from is in the shade; 2) that a member of the Commission is on hand to ensure that nobody (WITHOUT EXCEPTION) takes more than one plate and  3) plates and cutlery are provided.

As for the idea of us staying after the event for lunch, it was a nice idea but I am guessing that most would say it is just not feasible.

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