Friday, January 22, 2016

A little diversion

Those of you who are sat at your computer wondering how to pass the time away can explore some of Google's "Easter Eggs". Be warned though, they might be amusing but they are pretty much pointless.

Here are some to get you started. They work in Google Chrome browser but may not work in others.

In the Google search box type:

  1. do a barrel roll
  2. askew
  3. a long time ago in a galaxy  far, far away
  4. blink
  5. Google in 1998
  6. zerg rush
  7. atari breakout
  8. Conway's game of life
  9. Super Mario Bros
  10. flip a coin
  11. roll a die
  12. Bacon Number -followed by the name of a celebrity
  13. apples v oranges - or any other combination you like

There are plenty of others for you to explore - if you have the time to waste that is!

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