Tuesday, January 26, 2016

On the telly

Those of you who have British telly may well have watched last night's "A Place In The Winter Sun" at 10pm (9pm in England) on More4.

A lady from Stockport and her wheelchair bound daughter were looking for a holiday home in the Torrevieja area.

The fifth house they were shown was on Calle Inglaterra, here in Bigastro.

The pair were first taken to the town square outside the VaiVen. Then, in one of the opening shots of the estate, they showed the house below ours and in the corner of the shot was Casa El Willo!

It turned out that the mother loved the house, best of all the ones she had been shown, but the daughter thought the area was too isolated and she would have nothing to do. The young lady made it abundantly clear she not impressed with what she saw of Bigastro.

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