Monday, January 18, 2016

No pigs this year

Yesterday, Pam and I went down to the town to watch the benediction of animals by the local priest, Aurelio,

It is always a good occasion for some fun photos which is what I was after. Among the many dogs, there were a few budgerigars, the odd tortoise, a rabbit, a lamb and two young goats.

Normally though, there is a raffle for a couple of young pigs but that didn't happen this year. I have always been wary of buying tickets for this because the last thing I need is a pig to look after.

I've told you this tale before - on year a young, trendy couple won one of the pigs. It is likely that they lived in a flat. They were last seen frantically working out what they could do with their new acquisition.

You can see my photos in the album accessed from the sidebar.

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