Thursday, January 14, 2016

Changes afoot

The Town Hall inform us that changes are being made to the method of charges for rubbish collection.

From February, the money will be collected by SUMA and not as part of our water bill.

The charge for three months for houses outside the town will be 72.80 euros and for those in the town, 56 euros.

How we are now classified is a mute point. Originally, according to SUMA, we were "Diseminado" and paid more than those in the town. That all changed with the last council and we paid the same as those in the town - "Casco Urbano"..

There will be a discount of 50% for houses that are not occupied and 60% for those over 65 years of age who receive less than the minimum wages in pensions.

1 comment:

Petrus said...

Interesting info re the rubbish charges
Is this countrywide or just for Bigastro ?
Will it apply to Guardamar ?