Sunday, July 03, 2016

They stole the show

Last night we went down to the Auditorium to watch Mama Mia, a dance spectacular performed by children from the Beatriz Arce School of Dance in Bigastro.

The older girls were excellent dancers as were the middle group. The youngest ones were only 3 years old though and although there were some promising dancers amongst them, a few had not remembered the routines. To be honest that hardly mattered, they won people's hearts by being just so damn cute.

One little girl spotted her parents in the front rows and instead of dancing proceeded to wave to them. I bet that brought a tear to the parents' eyes.

You can see my album of photos in the sidebar. I cut the number of pictures down from the 500 that I took but still ended up with 185. There are quite a few similar photos in there, I apologise for that. I expect the parents will appreciate the duplication more than you do.

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