Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Definitely, well almost definitely

When I reported that we might get rain yesterday, Scout John emailed me to say that he was still getting his sun lounger out. John was right, not a drop fell and it was sunny for most of the day.

The situation though remains unstable and the forecast for Thursday shows a 100% possibility of rain in the morning.

Looking at the satellite image, there is a cyclone over Britain and northern France and an anticyclone over North Africa with Spain somewhere in the middle. I suspect it is the anticyclone that will move to bring us "mucky" rain. Maybe a good idea to put the sun lounger away John!

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Bill said...

We had very heavy rain for a couple of hours on Wednesday night (Murcia Region near Mazarrón/Totana, and a brief showery period around lunchtime on Thursday.