Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The last visitors

The last visitors to stay with us this summer left this morning. There are other visitors due to arrive tonight but they will be in Punta Prima.

Our first visitors this summer were Laura, Dave, Molly and Rory. I wasn't at my best, still suffering from the effects of my radiotherapy. It didn't spoil the enjoyment of their company but meant that I didn't take part as much as I would have liked.

Then, two days after they left, our eldest daughter arrived and we had a wonderful few days with her. By this stage I was starting to recover and so it was easier for me.

Hugh and Angela, our neighbours from Greasby arrived last Wednesday and have just departed this morning. Almost fully recovered, I was able to thoroughly enjoy their company.

I would like thank all of our visitors. I may not have been at my best but rest assured you cheered me up and took my mind off the issues I was facing. We had plenty of laughs, lots of good meals both here at home and out. I only hope that my situation did not spoil your holidays in the sun.

So where did we eat out?

Che Argentinian Restaurant at La Zenia three times - can't get enough of their meat!

La Cantina on the front at Torrevieja once. The food was OK but the service left a lot to be desired.

Wok Buffet near to Quesada twice. We like the simplicity of the place and the fact that it is popular means the food at the buffet is always fresh.

Rebate Restaurant twice. With a new chef, the food has changed. There is plenty of choice to suit all tastes on the Gourmet Menu. The big plus though is the location.

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