Monday, October 10, 2016

False start

Originally the concert this weekend was scheduled for Saturday so that is what was written on our calendar. Of course I should have corrected that because I had already posted an item on this blog showing that the concert was actually on Sunday.

Pam and I prepared ourselves and went down on Saturday only to find the Auditorium closed. Still, better early than late. If we'd thought it was Sunday and it was actually Saturday, we would have missed it!!

Never mind, we made it in the end and were pleased we did. I believe this was the last public performance of the programme for the Certamen before the actual date.

There were some changes to the formation as there always is. Some band members have other commitments and others, who were not at the last two concerts, made it last night.

Whilst these changes might phase lesser directors, Diego just gets on with it and manages to sharpen up the performance each time.

There will be many more rehearsals before the 23rd and no doubt there will be a full turn out for Valencia. On the basis of last night's performance, I would say that Bigastro stand an excellent chance of returning victorious but then we do not know the strength of the other two bands. Fingers crossed!!

You will find my photos in the album from the left hand sidebar as usual. You can also download my audio recording of  the Jacarilla band from my Dropbox account. Be aware though that the file will NOT play from Dropbox, you need to download it to your computer first.

I also have a recording of the Bigastro band but that must be kept under wraps because we would not want the other bands to listen to it and try to gain advantage.

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