Saturday, October 22, 2016

New meters

Iberdrola have sent letters to everyone on the estate telling them that the old electricity meters will be replaced in the coming months with SMART meters.

For Iberdrola customers, it’s all part of something called the STAR Project, a state-of-the-art remote grid and management distribution system.

There is no cost to the consumer and we will be given notice of when the work is to be done by means of posters on lampposts etc.

 But what are they?

An electric Smart Meter is one that records power consumption and communicates that information to a monitoring station for management and billing purposes. Smart Meters enable two-way communication between the meter and the central control system. Real-time sensors provide information about power outages and power surges.

Many confuse Smart Meters with home energy monitors. The roll-out of Smart Meters is one strategy for energy saving. While electricity supply companies can save millions a year from their introduction, consumer benefits will depend on people actively changing their energy use.

Utility companies propose that from a consumer perspective, smart metering offers a number of potential benefits to householders. These include, a) an end to estimated bills, which are a major source of complaints for many customers, b) a tool to help consumers better manage their energy use – stating that Smart Meters with a display outside their homes could provide up-to-date information on electricity consumption and in doing so help people to manage their energy use and reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions.

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Pete said...

These units must harvest data about energy usage that may be of interest to the consumer. It would be a real shame if they consumer wasn't able to access it. I wonder if they will allow any downloading for home analysis purposes.