Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The programme for Valencia

The band will start with Los Barbas, a composition by Ferrer Ferran

The bodega "Los Barbas"  is a restaurant located in the town of Ayora (Valencia).  Described as a nice intimate place to meet and enjoy an unforgettable time with your family.

"The Whiskers" is a jovial, entertaining and accommodating pasodoble which reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The second piece is set for each band to play. The chosen composition is Jaque a la Reina (Check to the Queen) by Juan Antonio Gómez Deval.

The premiere of this piece was conducted by the Municipal Band of Valencia under the direction of Fernando Bonete Piqueras at the Palau de la Música on January 17th this year.

The score describes a game of chess, where they pursue one of the most important pieces, the Queen.

The different sounds are intended to describe which game pieces that are moving  in a constant sense of threat. An unexpected ending leaves us in doubt about the conclusion of the play.

The final piece will be Sidus by the Austrian composer, Thomas Doss.
 This will be a familiar work to those who have attended concerts over the last year or so. Each time the band play the piece, it is different according to the makeup and the musicians taking part.

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