Thursday, September 12, 2019

Don't even try to go there

In case you thought of going to Orihuela:-

The Local Police of Orihuela has informed at 12 noon. that all access roads to the town centre are cut off to the circulation of vehicles.

The local police here in Bigastro are telling people who have cars in the underground car park at La Paz to move them pronto because it is in danger of flooding.

On Facebook you will find videos of flooding in various towns including Callosa Del Segura. No doubt that Torrevieja will be flooded. There is even a video showing sewerage coming up through the toilets at Vega Baja Hospital and one of a stock of new cars at a garage that are under water.

The best advice is to stay indoors with a book. If there is a break in the rain, it might be the chance to let the dog out for a toilet stop!

Update: If you were thinking of going into Bigastro, forget it - the local police have closed all the roads in the centre of town. Folks, this is bad. 

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