Saturday, September 14, 2019

Our hearts go out

We are very fortunate that, living on a hill as we do. Pam and I were spared most of the awful effects of this bad weather. Although it was very worrying watching and hearing the storms develop, Pam and I suffered no more that a full pool that needed lowering and a few hours of lost sleep.

The same cannot be said for those living on lower land which is now completely flooded. Many have lost cars, furniture, possessions etc etc. The waters will gradually subside in the days to come but the damage will take much longer to repair and the possessions longer to replace.

The blessing is that most Spaniards are stoical and at the same time caring. They will help each other to recover from this incident and hopefully it will just become a bad memory for those that were effected.

The latest message from the Mayor:

The Emergency situation is still active.

All notices communicated by the RRSS of the City of Bigastro are still active.

I beg you to be attentive to the communications that are issued from the City Council.

We must remain calm and show our solidarity with our neighbours in our town and the rest of the region affected by this terrible situation we are living.

As the day progresses, we will receive support from the resources authorised by the provincial, regional and national public administrations for the work of water drainage and cleaning of flooded areas.

It is at these times when we must demonstrate the solidarity and responsible character that characterises the people of Bigastro.

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