Monday, September 30, 2019

Playing to his hand

Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has had a rough time of it. He's lost seven votes in the Commons, been accused of misleading the Queen by the Supreme Court, has been accused of inciting violence with his language and will face investigatioins both whilst he worked at the Spectator and whilst he was Mayor of London. At the Spectator, in 1999, he allegedly groped a reporter's thigh. and whilst he was Mayor, he approved grants to an American lady who, it is claimed, he had a sexual relatioinship with.

Most people would have cracked by now and asked, "is it worth it" but Johnson is on a mission to "get Brexit done" by any means possible. He may or may not have ulterior motives but again that is just speculation.

Faced with all the bad publicity, you would think that his popularity and that of the Tory Party would have declined but apparently that is not true according to various polls. It seems that there are swathes of the British public who like him and are prepared to dismiss any allegations made about him. Some causually brush off his misdemeanours and say, "that's just Boris".

Boris likened himself to the Hulk and warned that making him angry makes him stronger and he may have a point there.  They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity and mybe that is true of Boris Johnson.

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