Friday, September 13, 2019

Is there no end to this?

The advice is not to go out unless you really have to. Bigastro is still in lock down with the roads closed. In case of a medical emergency, call 112. The industrial estate is closed, the Metro roundabout is impassible as is the new one at General Banuls.

Notice from the Bigastro Town Hall to residents, especially those on Calle Thomas Villanueva: the emergency services are preparing to evacuate those people in flooded houses. Advice is to phone 112 for assistance and to go up as high as you can.

In Redovan, they are appealing for anyone with a 4x4 vehicle to help rescue people who are trapped in flooded houses.

The river Segura has started to overflow in Orihuela so the situation there is even worse. Looking at my pool, it is about to overflow even though I dropped the water level yesterday. So much rain, where is it coming from and when will it end?

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