Saturday, April 03, 2021

A clean shiny oven

 I am always wary about recommending work people here on my blog. If someone does a good job for you, it doesn’t automatically follow that they will do a good job for others. We all have different standards and mine might be either higher or lower than yours.

In this case though, I feel confident you will be pleased with the job that Doug does cleaning your oven. 

Doug set up his own business cleaning ovens, a job he says he enjoys. Incidentally, Doug also cleans barbecues, microwaves and extractor fans - all those things we know we should clean regularly but put off because they are messy jobs that we’d rather not do.

So how do you contact Doug? Google Oven Valet, look for him on Facebook, email or even phone him on 654 907 247. He’s based in Benijofar so is pretty local to Bigastro.

PS Doug didn’t ask me to promote him on my blog nor did he offer me a discount for doing so. 

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