Sunday, April 04, 2021

The Encuentro

 I've gone down to the town most years to watch and photograph the ceremony of the Encuentro here in Bigastro. It is an early call since the procession from the church starts at 7am but well worth while. 

Easter Sunday is the day of resurrection.  The story goes that Jesus arose from the dead this day and the encounter depicts the moment when Mary, who is in grief for her son, meets him and rejoices. 

In recent years the ceremony has been performed in the church rather than in the streets of the town. One year it was raining and so the ceremony was moved and then of course last year it was moved because of Covid restrictions. 

Covid restrictions this year mean that the ceremony has once again been performed in the church. 

That hasn't stopped the traditional fireworks that are set off after the encounter has taken place. I hope they didn't wake you up!

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