Monday, April 12, 2021

Red days

 Scout John was caught out this morning when he went into the town to post a letter only to find the Post Office shut. The reason was it is San Vincente Day today, a holiday that is peculiar to parts of Valencia. As John found out, it is not a fixed date. It is always the Monday after Easter Monday  Last year it was on April 20th which is when he probably thought it would be this year. 

Here are the dates for this year of the so called "red" days. It is important to note though that, when a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it is normal to take a weekday off in lieu.

January 1 (Friday): New Years Day.

January 6 (Wednesday): Epiphany of the Lord (Magi)

March 19 San Jose - Father's day 

April 2 (Friday): Good Friday.

April 5 Easter Monday

April 12 ( Monday) San Vincente - local to parts of Valencian region.

May 1 (Saturday): Labour Day.

June 24  (Thursday) San Juan 

October 9 (Saturday) Valencian Community Day

October 12 (Tuesday) Spanish National Day.

November 1 (Monday): All Saints' Day.

December 6 (Monday): Spanish Constitution Day.

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