Saturday, April 10, 2021

It was a sad day

 Pam and I have said on a few occasions that we hoped nothing would happen to either the Queen or the Duke of Edinburg during the midst of the pandemic. 

After giving  a lifetime of service to Great Britain, we thought it would be tragic if the nation and indeed the world could not pay due respect to them with an appropriate funeral service. It would pile even more misery on to this awful  period in everyone's lives. 

Although there has been a fair amount of scandal and criticism of  some members of the Royal Family  over the last few years, I don't recall any ever been made about Philip apart from the odd gaffe for which we forgive him. 

As we have seen through the TV coverage, Philp's  early life was tough, very tough. 

He served in the Royal Navy with great distinction and then had to give up his promising career when Elizabeth became Queen. He knew that would happen at some point but probably hoped it would not be so soon. 

At a time when men were traditionally regarded as the head of the family, Philip had to take a back seat and follow two steps behind his wife. That must have been hard for him but he never seemed to show it.  

Of course Philip led a life of privilege but he also gave great service and will be remembered for his philanthropic work for young people and the environment. 

We wonder now what the Queen will do. Without her "rock" by her side, will she still want to fulfil her promise to reign for her whole life? I believe and hope that she will continue with other royals taking over many of her more arduous duties. 

Our thoughts are with Elizabeth and other members of the family. 

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