Monday, February 13, 2006

A better class of eatery

Some time ago I helped to sort out my neighbours computer. There was all sorts of junk installed which was slowing it down even preventing it from closing down promptly. I don´t know how he manages to get Windows in such a mess. Still after a couple of hours or so it was runing like a whippet on a coal tip.

To show his gratitude he offered to take Pam and I out for Sunday lunch. We had forgotten all about the offer when last week he checked to see if Sunday would be OK for us. Now Ken eats in all sorts of places and is a master of the quest for a good cheap meal. Seven euros for three courses and a drink is his benchmark for good value.

Ken was not stinting yesterday though. He took us to "the Budapest" - a Hungarian restaurant near to Quesada. I was so pleased that I´d decided to put on a shirt and decent trousers. When we went in it was clear that the Budapest had all the hallmarks of a smart restaurant - waiters in uniform; proper table cloths; china on the table etc. Once we had the first course though it was clear that this wasn´t just smart it was somewhere special. The food was excellent.

Then Ken told us that the restaurant across the road from the Budapest, although different was equally good. So we have booked there for the 26th. I am salivating already at the thought of it.

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