Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No more headaches

Last night we had our AGM of the Villas Andrea Residents’ Association. It was a well attended and lively meeting where a lot of issues were aired. The Mayor of Bigastro came about half way through and addressed us (in Spanish) about the concerns we have expressed about telephones, the post and the graffiti which appeared in the last couple of weeks. Having listened to him I now understand why he has been Mayor for over twenty years. Sr. Alcalde sounds to be a very committed European who has the best interest of the whole community at heart. We all gave him a rapturous applause when he finished.

Anyway the main thing for me was that I resigned from the committee. I’m afraid that the committee last year didn’t work with the sort of rigour that I had come to expect throughout my working life. I didn’t come here to beat myself worrying about these things so the best course of action was to resign. Of course the consequence is that I will no longer be able to try and influence the way things are organised but I can live with that!

Oh and best of all we understood most of what the Mayor said!

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