Friday, February 24, 2006

Forward thinking

Bigastro already had an excellent web site which provided a wide range of information about the town including a very useful interactive map. One of the sections I like best is the one where you can ask the Mayor questions which he answers online. Judging by the number of questions asked this is a very popular feature and one which takes up a lot of his time.

Now the Ayuntamiento has a new web site as part of the Bigastro+ project.

The new Bigastro Digital website offers free email addresses in the form ******, information sent direct to your mobile phone, free web hosting for businesses in Bigastro, a host of information about new technologies and a wide range of courses aimed at helping people use their PC effectively.

On the Bigastro Digital web site there are also details of the Plan Avanza which allows Bigastrense whether Spanish or foreign to buy an ADSL connected PC or laptop. To encourage people to embrace new technology they are offering a loan of up to 1.000€ to buy the equipment. This loan is to be repaid at the rate of 27,78€ per month for 36 months INTEREST FREE.

However, for those who don’t want their own PC Bigastro has opened a “Telecentro” Mondays to Fridays between 5pm and 9pm.

The website claims that 47% of houses in Bigastro have a PC. This figure rises to 78% in houses where the education level is superior. Apparently 78% of houses with a PC have an Internet connection and of those 67% access the Bigastro web site.

Pretty impressive stuff for a town of just over 7.000 inhabitants.

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