Wednesday, February 22, 2006


On Saturday February 18th I posted a message “Not very pleasant” about the graffiti which had appeared on the notice board down the road and on walls going down to the town. That was cleaned up very quickly but then re-appeared further down the road. This time the message “giri go home” had “Spain is not for sale” added to it.

Again it was cleaned off or covered over. So the perpetrators came back on Saturday morning at ten o clock but this time they made a big mistake. They sprayed their message on the stone cladding at the bottom of the wall surrounding the builder’s house.  Not only was it cleaned off but the culprits have now been found. Apparently it was the work of three youths on motorbikes so I suspect my theory about people shouting at them was right.

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Pete said...

Glad to hear it Keith. Hopefully the problem will abate now and you can all just get along. :-)

Keep us all posted!