Friday, August 11, 2006

Butch Cassidy's

Instead of taking my guests to the tourist spots to eat, I took them down to one of the local bars in Bigastro. The place is full of chattering Spaniards and has an authentic atmosphere. Some of the locals are just calling in for a drink on their way home from work, others have come out for the night. Since Spaniards don't eat until about 10:00pm we have the attention of the cook to ourselves.

We sampled a range of the tapas that were on offer followed by pork fillets, all washed down with several bottles of the house red. Full and very satisfied we moved on to Miguel's bar which was unfortunatley closed so we ended up at the bar in the park for a couple of bottles of their house red.

Angela and Jean went off to look at the new take away so we sauntered through the park and ended up at the VaiVen for another glass of wine followed by a coffee. John, of course, invited us back to his house for more drinks but we politely declined which was just as well because it was 1:00am when we returned home.

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