Sunday, August 13, 2006

Muchas sardinas

As part of the fiesta, Bigastro had organised a "sardines and beer" afternoon - all free of course. We each got a plate of about 6 sardines and a plentiful supply cerveza to wash them down. The sardines were excellent - possibly the best we have had.

Our intention last night was to to go to the Meson de Salada where we had been before. The man at the car park told us they were fully booked so we went to Quesada where we looked at Laurel and Hardy's. After sitting down for a good ten minutes and being ignored we left and drove down to the Waikiki bar for their excellent fish and chips. Not quite the meal we had planned but just as acceptable.

After two late nights it was good to get to bed sober and at a respectable time. Today it has started cloudy just like the first day that my guests arrived.

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