Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not its best

Just looking at the BBC forecast for Torrevieja for the next five days it looks like it could be partly cloudy every day but Sunday. It was cloudy on and off yesterday and today we have clouds again. The temperature yesterday was a comfortable 32 and I expect it will be the same today.

After a very sunny July without a cloud in the sky, August has brought the clouds back just as it did in 2005. I remember saying last year "if we were on holiday in Spain, like we used to be, we would be very upset". I just hope the BBC have got it wrong!!

July was apparently the hottest on record for 45 years with average temperatures (day and night) of 27.2 degrees C. The current sea temperatures are high at 28 degrees C which means that we could be in for downpous in Autumn - the so called "gota fria".

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