Thursday, August 03, 2006

On her way back

I apologise to those of you who don't know us or our families for the personal nature of this message.

Last night we had a phone call from Laura to tell us that Pam's mum had had another stroke. Her first stroke was eighteen years ago and has left her with very limited use on her left side. We're not sure which side this stroke was on and what effect it might have long term.

Pam phoned her dad who was understandably vague. She then phoned the hospital who told her that her mum was not very well at all. She is having difficulty breathing and can't speak. Naturally Pam wants to go back to England to see her mum so we booked a flight for her to Manchester this evening.

Laura and Jemma have taken the day off work and are going to see Pam's dad to take him to the hospital. They will then meet Pam from the airport and she will be able to go over tomorrow to see her mum. Hopefully she will find her mum a lot better.

In the meantime I am holding the fort. Hugh, Angela and Andrew are still coming out on Monday. We obviously don't know yet whether Pam will be back for then but hopefully she will be back for at least part of their stay. In these circumstances carrying on as normal as possible is probably the best course of action. So for the moment it is just a case of just playing it by ear.

I hope to have some better news for you tomorrow.

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