Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The plot thickens

I posted an item of gossip on Saturday about the land opposite Calle Holandia which is currently an unused orange grove. It has been suggested that the land is going to be built upon and that the small fenced area will be used to store equipment and materials.

At the seventh anniversary dinner of the Association of Promoters of the Vega Baja (Procosta) the President, Antonio Navarro said that construction in the region is registering a deep crisis because the sale of houses had dropped dramatically over the last two years.

However, the observant ones will have noticed that the steel storage container, that was on the land opposite Aurelio's house, has now been moved to the cleared plot on the corner.

The question is - does this mean that building is going to start on the orange grove or is Aurelio clearing the plot opposite his house ready for building there? There is still the old generator which was used to provide electricity for the estate along with the oil tank that fed it to be moved. If they go then my bet would be on a house opposite Aurelio's.

Don't quote me yet but just watch this space!

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