Thursday, December 27, 2012

By way of contrast

in marked contrast to the Newsnight story of poverty in Spain, the Daily Mail reports on the chaos in Britain as Boxing Day sales started.

  • Selfridges took £1.5m in first hour - most successful first 60 minutes ever
  • Number of shoppers out across UK was up by a fifth compared to last year
  • Retailers slash prices and opened as early as 6am to entice consumers
  • Customers literally grab bargains as they are handed out by shop staff
  • Next in Leeds operated ten in, ten out policy to control massive crowds
  • Manchester's Trafford Centre enjoys 'biggest' Boxing Day sale in its history

    Police were deployed to keep 'public order' with an estimated 10million customers spending nearly £3billion on what was thought to be the busiest Boxing Day in history. Many queued through the night to secure a prime position.

    article-2253188-16A79B91000005DC-942_634x286 However, if you look at the photos that accompanied the article, it is clear that the majority of the customers were not indigenous white British and many were in fact rich visitors from countries like China, the Middle East and Nigeria.  Even still, this must be a sickening sight to Spanish families who are struggling to put bread on the table.

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