Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seeking a solution

During the 60s and probably the 70s, Bigastro would not have had a problem with car parking. Now though, more people own cars and parking has become a major issue. The previous council built a multi storey car park to try and solve the problem but unfortunately the cost went over budget and so it has not opened.

In fact, Spaniards seem to be very reluctant to pay for parking and will double or even treble park on streets without meters to avoid paying.

One of the biggest problems for Bigastro is Calle Purisima which is the main shopping street of the town. Some of those who live in the apartments above the street have garages and so want access for their cars. Providing open access allows others to park on the street, obstructing the way for pedestrians and at the same time fouling the granite cobbles and paving with tyre marks and oil slicks.

The council are looking into ways that could solve these issues including introducing a “blue zone” where motorists would have to pay to park. Charo Bañuls (PP) and Aurelio Murcia, (UnPLC) say that nothing has been decided yet and in fact there hasn’t even been a study made of the possible options. Both agree however that a solution must be sought.

Speaking of the cobbles, have you noticed the state of them? In places, they were laid uneven and so were a hazard right from the start. Now the problem has been made worse because a lot of the sand that was spread between them has washed away. Ladies wearing heels must find them particularly dangerous. 

On many of the streets in Bigastro, people will walk on the road and avoid the slippery pavings. On Purisima, the opposite is true.

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