Monday, December 10, 2012

An update

Those of you who didn't know, will have probably guessed by now that we are on vacation. This time we are in Sale near Manchester visiting our daughter, her husband and our granddaughter.

We left a blustery Alicante airport where locals were dressed for the cold to arrive in Manchester where some expected it to be mild. It wasn't, in fact it was bitter. The following day it rained (well we were near to Manchester) but since then we have seen quite a lot of sunshine.

What throws us though is how it starts to get dark at 3:30 and by 4pm it is nighttime. A couple of days we thought it was 6pm only to find it was only 4pm.

When we arrived at Manchester, we expected to have to phone Dave and ask him to pick us up. He and Molly had been tracking our flight and so he was there ready for us at arrivals with Molly. That was a wonderful surprise.

So what have we been up to? Well quite a lot of shopping both for ourselves and for others. We've also posted all our Christmas cards for the UK and sent parcels to those on our list. Oh yes, and we went to see Santa in his grotto.

Although we prefer the warmth of Spain, it has to be said that there is more of a Christmas spirit about here in Manchester and the chilly weather seems to suit the idea of Santa, reindeer and the North Pole where they live.

As for what is being going on in Bigastro, I have no idea. With so much to do during our visit, I've had little time to keep up with news at home. I will have to catch up on our return.

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