Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ken and Kay

Many who live at Villas Andrea will remember brother and sister, Ken and Kay Wooden who first owned the house next door to us.

Just over a year ago, they sold the house to a young Spanish couple and moved to France in search of milder weather. Although we have asked those that knew them, nobody seemed to have an idea about how they were getting on with their new lives.

Yesterday, out of the blue, we got a Christmas card from Kay and Ken along with a letter written by Kay.

Untitled-1 It seems they live in a house on the edge of Moncontour, Vienne (not to be confused with Moncontour in Brittany).
Untitled-1 At the bottom of their one acre garden is a stream. They have a separate one bedroom apartment to the house and three barns. Kay describes it as paradise for her cats.

Neither Ken nor Kay speak French so it is lucky that they found someone who does that could help them out with all the formalities of opening a bank account and registering with a doctor etc.

Although they miss aspects of their life in Spain, Ken and Kay don’t miss the weather. Even though it might have been hot where they are, it was probably cooler than here this last summer.

We are glad to hear that they are both well and wish them a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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